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Primary Sources

100 Milestone Documents- from 1776-1995

American Memory from the Library of Congress- browse collections by time period, place, topic; search through map collections, manuscripts, motion pictures, sheet music, photos, prints, sound recordings and books or other printed texts. EXCELLENT SITE!

American Memory Map Collections-search for cities/towns, conservation/environment, discovery/exploration and general maps

American Rhetoric- online speech bank

Archives in the Attic- documents from the Great Depression

Archiving Early America- newspapers, maps & writings from 18th century America

The Authentic History Center- artifacts and sounds from American popular culture

The Avalon Project at Yale Law School-documents in law, history and diplomacy

Bancroft Library at the University of California, Berkeley- 0ver 60 million manuscript items and 600,000 volumes; huge collection

Battle Lines: Letters From America's Wars- thousands of wartime letters, from the Gilder Lehrman

Biblioteche Saint Genevive- blind-tool bookbindings from 12th-18th centuries

The Charters of Freedom- Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, Constitution

Child Labor in America- covers 1908-1912 official records of the union and confederate armies; covers 1881-1900.

Civil War Primary Source Documents- HUGE listing from Tracey Oz, history teacher

The Coming of the American Revolution- from the Massachusetts Historical Society; 14 lessons include primary source documents

Digital Library on American Slavery-from the University of North Carolina at Greenboro

Documents for the Study of American History- from 1000-2000, this is a very extensive listing of pdf and audio files

Documenting the American South- from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Eurodocs- selected transcriptions, facsimiles and translations

Eyewitness to History- audio clips from people entitled "Voices of the 20th Century"

Historical Text Archive- over 9,000 articles, books, and links

History of Ireland- primary documents

History Matters- includes 1,00 primary documents, images, and audio interviews

Holocaust Photos- [very graphic]

Letters from an Iowa Soldier in the Civil War- written by Newton Robert Scott

Library of Congress Teachers' Page- classroom materials, themed resources, lesson plans, collection connections, professional development and so much more. EXCELLENT SITE!

Medieval Sourcebook- full-text sources

National Archives DocsTeach- create activities with the online documents

National Humanities Center- "historical documents, literary texts, and works of art—thematically organized with notes and discussion questions."

New York Public Library- documents, video, audio

Newspaper and Current Periodical Reading Room- from the Library of Congress, this extensive listing includes: historical collections from the 19th and 20th century

Office of the Federal Register- public papers of the Presidents of the United States, federal laws

The Oriental Institute- photographic archives includes maps from Egypt, Iran, Iraq, and Sudan

The Papers of George Washington- contains documents, articles, maps, and images

Photos of the Great Depression- includes dust storms, farms for sale, migrant workers

Popular Songs in American History- from the 17th century; this is a huge collection of audio files!

The Presidential Timeline of the Twentieth Century- documents, photographs, audio recordings, more

Primarily History- primary sources blog written by a college librarian

Primary Sources: Oral History and Audio-Visual Materials- photos, newsreels, pamphlets, advertisements, TV clips

Primary Sources: The Korean War- from the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library

Prints and Photographs Reading Room- from the Library of Congress, these are selected images of Ellis Island and Immigration.

Regional History- exhibits from the National Archives includes the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, Influenza Epidemic in 1918, the Atlanta Regional Archive

Repositories of Primary Sources- over 5,000 websites are listed here, covering manuscripts, archives, historical photographs, and other primary sources. WOW!!

Science Service Historical Image Collection- 20th-century scientific research; site claims "the captions were written by Science Service journalists and have been transcribed exactly".

The Smithsonian Collections- covers art, history, science, libraries

Talking History- from the University at Albany, this is a site for aural history, including radio shows

Teaching with Documents- from the National Archive; lesson plans

The Thomas Jefferson Digital Archive- over 1700 items, (electronic texts, some color manuscript
images; 9,000 quotations arranged by theme, date, topic recipient and place of publication

Time and Life Pictures- search by date or use the advanced search

Timeline of Art History- from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database- over 35,000 slaving voyages

Turning the Pages- document includes: the first atlas of Europe, the oldest printed book, the original Alice's Adventures Underground (Alice in Wonderland) and Mozart's musical diary.

Why Use Primary Sources?- from the Library of Congress; ten reasons listed

Women's Speeches from Around the World

World Digital Library- 10,000 sources from around the world

World War II in Color-site has photos for download

World War II Military Situation Maps- browse the collection by title, subject or date; from the Library of Congress

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