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MYP Personal Project

Click HERE for the student guide for  your Personal Passion Project 
Spanish Template for project report

Video-- Showcase tips from Mr. Blake. Super helpful!! Dates are from 2019.

Criteria for Success (Criterion B and D)


Process Journal (very scripted)


Click HERE to watch 2019's Showcase

Click HERE to watch 2018's Showcase

Click HERE to watch 2017's Showcase
Click HERE to watch 2016's Showcase 
Genius Hour --This REACH time is your "genius hour"  -- inspired by Google's 20% time idea -- to allow you to pursue your passion project.
Click HERE for project ideas
Examples of student's report:
Aprender a cocinar, Como hacer una pizza?
Remember, at the end of the project you will need these three items. If you need help with anything, please stop in the library.
  •         A process journal
  •        A product or outcome for display that shows other people what you did
  •         A project report
The Process Journal--Your process journal is the record of your involvement in the Personal Project process. It should record all your ideas, your planning, your discussions, clippings of readings and concepts, diary excerpts, meeting schedules and outcomes with your supervisor, photographs – whatever you do that is part of the process should be kept in this document. You choose the format of your journal. It might be a scrapbook, a notebook, or maybe an electronic site for example.

The Product or Outcome--The product you create is how you show other people what you have investigated. Apart from your journal, which will be part of the display, you need to have some way of showing what you produced or achieved your goal. This might be the actual product such as a model, electronic article, artwork or it might be visuals of the outcome such as photographs of an event you organized.

The Project Report-The written report is crucial for passing the MYP Personal Project.  The report demonstrates your learning throughout your project.  Reflection and self-evaluation are a key component of your process journal entries and should be reflected in your project report.  Template for report.

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