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IB History: Historical Investigation

By Chris Hall




GOOGLE SCHOLAR and Insider Tips (videos)

WORLD BOOK (video)

Possible Topics

Writing Research Questions

Different styles of questions

Command Terms


Avoid sources that do not have authors. It is ok to use Wikipedia for BACKGROUND information, NOT as a main source of information. Use Wikipedia to help you brainstorm keywords or people to use in your search for sources. History .com and PBS can also be used for background information, but NOT as main sources of information. This is also true for all encyclopedias.

What sources should you use? BOOKS!!!! MORE BOOKS!!!!

You don’t (and shouldn’t) read the entire book for your research. Your topic should be narrow and if you used Wikipedia and effectively, you should have a good idea of some keywords/people/events that you can look up in the INDEX of the book. If your topic is on the causes of an event, ONLY READ the chapter that deals with the CAUSES, don’t waste your time reading information that won’t answer your research question. SKIM the sources for keywords that relate to your topic.

Other great sources: Academic journals, newspapers, magazines, biographies, autobiographies, government records, primary sources

Be wary of documentaries, since editing can promote a specific idea. Know who the director is.

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