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Class Documents 

Click here for the Arab Israeli Conflict handout.

Click here for a lesson + quiz  on the Five Themes of Geography

Click here for a presentation of North Carolina on the Five Themes of Geography

Click here  for Latin American Revolutions

Template for L.A. Revolution

Info/links on McCarthyism
Click here for American Authors

Awesome Web 2.0 Presentation Tools
Lots of new web tools for presenting your projects.  Check them out!
Click here 121.00 KB

Approved Websites for "Hot Topics" Assignment

Open this document for click-able links to reliable websites for your researching purposes.
Google Doc 

Yellow Journalism
Templates for Newspapers

Presentation for Piktochart

Mythology Resources

Resources for you!!

Ms. Giger's English 1 class (Greek Myths)


Database and World Book Scavenger Hunt
macbeth.pdf 152.48 KB (Last Modified on April 2, 2014)

Helpful links for the novel Thousand Cranes

Google Doc - Thousand Cranes
Japan.PDF 1.40 MB (Last Modified on January 16, 2014)

Political Cartoons Link  

Primary Sources Link 

StoryKit Tutorial

Designing Packaging

You work in a packaging department of a food company.  Until now you have mostly designed soup cans but the company has asked you to design the packaging for their ice cream.  Because of your experience you know that the way products are packaged can have a significant impact on profits.  For some products, the appearance of the package is important.  For other products, the primary concern is the cost of the package.  Your task in this project is to design a package of ice cream that is made from the least amount of material while holding a specific volume. 
DOC.PDF 118.06 KB (Last Modified on May 1, 2013)

Prezi Tutorial

Hot Topics in the Middle East Research

This document contains helpful search terms for your project.

Hot_Topics_in_the_Middle_East.pdf 236.70 KB (Last Modified on February 7, 2014)

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