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International Baccalaureate (IB)

Middle Years Program (MYP) Grades 6-10

Diploma Program (DP) Grades 11-12


Summit High School offers two IB programs, MYP, authorized in 2004, and DP, authorized in 2005. The first graduating class was 2007. IB programs are high quality frameworks of education that are respected and known world-wide. Because the IB programs fit the goals of Summit School District for its students, and because the IB offers support and accountability for educators, SSD has chosen to be one of a handful of public school districts in the Americas pursuing full IB district status. The MYP aims to create successful students through the use of developmentally appropriate pedagogy. The MYP is appropriate for all students. The requirements to earn an MYP certificate (8 classes plus community service and the Personal Project) are also requirements for the SHS diploma. The DP is a course of study that is intended for college-bound students. SHS hopes to graduate prepared and well-rounded college students through the DP. Each course offers internal and external assessments (fees required), plus a per capita fee, to create 1-7 scores in each subject. Students who earn the IB Diploma with no score lower than a 4, can earn a minimum of 24 credits at Colorado universities, except for the Colorado School of Mines, which offers fewer credits. While we encourage all college-bound students to attempt the full IB Diploma, students may also opt for single DP classes. High enough scores on those assessments may also earn college credit.

MYP (Grades 6-10)

(8 classes taught through the Areas of Interaction, community service hours, and the completion of the Personal Project) 

DP (Grades 11-12)

(6 classes plus the "Theory of Knowledge" (TOK), "Creativity, Action, and Service" (CAS), and the Extended Essay)


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"I saved $18,000 by my daughter earning the IB Diploma."--SHS 2008 parent of CU-Boulder Student "Even though I didn't have a stellar GPA at SHS, I was accepted into all of the universities of my choice. I also was accepted into one of the most competitve program at my university and my college GPA is higher than my high school GPA." (SHS 2009 graduate) "I set the curve on my first Bio test in college." (SHS 2007 graduate) "Harvard admissions told me that the full IB is the most rigorous high school program available." (SHS 2011 graduate) "I was told at School of Mines that I couldn't get good grades, have friends, and get enough sleep--I'd have to pick two of the three. I did all three AND took a nap nearly every day!" (SHS 2011 graduate) "My English professor asked me to be a tutor, and I'm a science major!" (SHS 2010 graduate)

Questions and Answers

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How does a student earn an IB Diploma?

By successfully completing 6 DP classes (one in each of 6 groups) in a combination of 3HL and 3 SL classes, Theory of Knowledge, CAS, and the Extended Essay, in the junior and senior years. Each element has a number associated with it and the total number of points a student can earn is 45. Twenty-four points and successful completion of all of the requirements earns the student the internationally-recognized IB Diploma.

Where do the points come from?

Each DP class has both internal (teacher-graded) and external (examiner-graded) assessments. The combination of the scores on the internal and external assessments earns the student a score from 1 to 7. The combination of scores on the Extended Essay and TOK can earn a student up to 3 additional points. The easiest way to remember what a students needs to get the diploma is 6 classes X 4= 24 points. Be careful, though--a failure in either the Extended Essay, CAS, or TOK means the diploma cannot be earned.

Do all students earn the IB Diploma?

No. The international passing rate tends to run between 65%-75%. At SHS, the students have either done as well as or better than the international percentages.

Do only Colorado schools recognize the IB Diploma?

No. The IB Diploma is recognized world-wide.

How do I know if a college accepts IB credits for college credit or placement?

The best way is to look at the college's website and type "International Baccalaureate" into the search engine. Additionally, you may go to and search for school policies there.


How do I know if I am a good Diploma Program candidate?


The number one answer for this question is "desire."  Do you wish to do the program?  DP is the most academically rigorous program that SHS offers.  For each period of DP class, you can anticipate an hour of homework.  Are you willing and able to do 3-4 hours of homework per night? 

If you are not good at organizing your time, are you willing to use your planner and schedule out your days? 

Have you taken sufficiently difficult classes to prepare you for DP?  And, if not, are you willing to put in extra work to catch up? 

Are you willing to ask for help from teachers when you are having difficulty? 

Are you willing to take difficult classes in the areas of your own personal weakness as well as in areas of strength? 


Are you prepared to feel uncomfortable as you are learning skills, practices, and deep thinking?


Is a world-class education a priority for you?