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About SHS

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Summit High School continues to build an environment that focuses on student-centered learning while facilitating a culture of academic success. At SHS, “Everyone Belongs, and Everyone is Capable of Achievement.”

Students, families, and educators have a shared responsibility for the ultimate ability of their students to demonstrate proficiency in academic standards and to meet the expectations of a prepared graduate (SSD Graduate Profile). This includes social emotional competency building, completion of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Personal Project, career exploration, post-secondary planning, personal financial education, and ongoing demonstration of the SSD Graduate Profile. 

As an International Baccalaureate school we encourage students to explore different ways of learning while understanding their individual strengths and limitations. Teachers and staff at SHS take pride in developing caring learners who positively reflect our school and community.

In an effort to cultivate student success, a variety of pathways exist to ensure postsecondary readiness for every child. Included is the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, highlighted as the most rigorous academic pathway, a variety of Career and Technical Education opportunities aligned with relevant career clusters, as well as numerous concurrent enrollment courses allowing for earned college credit. Students may focus on one specific program or blend different courses together to create a meaningful learning experience that will ultimately prepare them for 21st Century success.


Summit School District Graduate Profile

Take informed risks‚ persevere through challenges‚ and advocate for the needs of themselves and others

Ask questions‚ think critically‚ and solve problems using a variety of strategies

Participate in local and global communities‚ embrace different cultures‚ welcome the perspectives of others‚ and communicate effectively across lines of difference

Remain flexible and open to possibilities‚ adapt in changing circumstances‚ and pursue passions

Are academically prepared‚ socially and emotionally intelligent‚ and financially ready

School Demographics

Total Enrollment (2023-24)


Ethnic Breakdown

Hispanic: 39.5%
White: 53.6%
Other: 6.9%

Students Receiving Special Services

Free/Reduced Lunch: 38.7%
English Language Development: 20%
Special Education: 9.7%
Gifted & Talented: 12%


Summit High School is accredited with distinction by the Colorado Department of Education.

SHS is also accredited by the International Baccalaureate Program as an MYP/DP school.

Member: NACAC, CCHS/CR, Colorado High School Activities Association

Academic Requirements

50 Credits Required to Graduate
English 8
Mathematics 6
Science 6
Humanities 6
World Language 4
Physical Education 2
Health 1
Career Tech. Ed. 2
Fine Arts 2
Electives 13

Maximum Load is 8 credits/semester on a modified block schedule. In addition, students must complete an MYP Personal Project.

Graduation Rates

2020-21: 90.3%
2021-22: 91.5%
2022-23: Available in December

2023 Composite SAT Scores

Summit: 964
Colorado: 989

Student Outcomes 2022-23

Post Secondary Decision and Percentage of Class of '23

4 Year College: 52.6%
2 Year College: 5%
Other: 42.4%

AP and IB Program Results

In 2023 at Summit High School, 112 AP tests were taken by 106 students. 80% of tests scored at a 3 or higher.

In 2023 at Summit High School, 116 students took IBDP Exams. 16 students were full IB Diploma candidates, 100% of these students earned the IB Diploma.

Grading Scale

4.0 - Advanced

Student consistently exceeds grade level expectations/standards and is able to apply them almost faultlessly in a wide variety of situations. The student demonstrates originality and insight and regularly produces work of high quality.

3.5 - Advanced

Student consistently meets and exceeds grade level expectations/standards and is able to apply learned information and skills to new and unfamiliar situations with original insights beyond what is covered in the classroom.

3.0 - Proficient

Independently, student consistently meets and sometimes exceeds grade level expectations/standards and is able to apply learned information and skills to complex ideas and processes in familiar situations (this is the level being "taught).

2.5 - Proficient

With minimal adult support, student consistently meets grade level expectations/standards and is able to apply learned information and skills to complex ideas and processes in familiar situations. (The student is showing proficient level of work but not as consistently).

2.0 - Progressing

The student meets or exceeds proficiency of foundational details and processes prerequisite skills, but is still working toward proficiency of the complex ideas and processes of the grade level.

1.5 - Partially Proficient

With assistance, the student displays knowledge of foundational details and processes or prerequisite skills.

1.0 - Unsatisfactory

The student is rarely able to display knowledge of foundational details and processes, even with help.

IE - Unsatisfactory

Insufficient Evidence, the student has not provided enough evidence to determine a score.


Grading Reporting

GPA: Computed on a weighted 4.0 scale

Grade Weighting: GPA of 1.5 and higher in all DP, AP, Colorado Mountain College courses weighted by +1

Rank: SHS does not rank. Available when required.

Advanced 4.0

Proficient 3.0

Progressing 2.0

Partially Proficient 1.5

Unsatisfactory 0

Rigorous Academic Programs

Subject CMC AP/IB

• Composition 1
• Composition 2

• English HL 1
• English HL 2

Math • College Algebra
• Intro to Statistics
• Survey of Calculus
•Applications SL 1
•Applications SL 2
• Analysis SL 1
• Analysis SL 2
Science • Biology
• Chemistry
•Environmental Science
• Exercise Physiology
• Biology HL 1
• Biology HL 2
• Environmental Sciences SL
Humanities • Geography
• Psychology
• Sociology
• World History
• History of the Americas HL 1
• History of the Americas HL 2
• Psychology SL
World Language   • Spanish SL 1
• Spanish SL 2
• Spanish HL 1
• Spanish HL 2
• French SL 1
• French SL 2
Career Tech • Wilderness First Aid
• Nutrition
• Ski Industry Business & Manufacturing
• Welding
• Early Childhood Dev
• Audio/Video Production
• Medical Terminology
• Emergency Medical Responder
• Comp. Sci Principles
Fine Arts Studio Art • Visual Arts SL 1
• Visual Arts SL 2
• Visual Arts HL 1
• Visual Arts HL 2
Other • Weight Training • Theory of Knowledge SL 1
• Theory of Knowledge SL 2

Special Program Enrollment 2022-23

Special Programming Grade Enrollment %
IB/DP 11/12 297 27
IB/MYP 9/10 561 100
AP 10/11/12 105 9
Colorado Mountain College 
Concurrent Enrollment
10/11/12 260 23.3
First Generation 9/10/11/12 258 23
Dual Language (Spanish) 9/10/11/12 185 16.5


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