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Season: Fall
Head Coach: Gary Sorenson
Email Address:
Phone Number: 262-498-8688





The Keystone Ranch Golf Course and golf professionals, Jim Banks and Phillip Tobias are providing potential Summit Golf Team members with a tremendous opportunity this summer.  The Ranch Course will allow you to play on a standby basis and use the practice range facility.  In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you must have a Summit High School student I.D. card and the approval of the athletic director or head coach.  A fee of $ 125.00 will be charged for the SHS golf pass and will be available for purchase at the Keystone Ranch or River golf shops.   It is expected that you will take advantage of the opportunity to play and practice at the Ranch Course this summer.  Your game and your skills will need to be the best possible on August 8th for SHS try-outs.  For lessons prior to the season, contact Jim Banks at the Ranch Course (496-4250)or Phillip Tobias at the River Course . Philip Tobias and Jim Banks are offering ½ price private / group lessons.



Always remember that you do not just represent yourself. You are representing all of Summit High School… its Staff, Coaches, and Students.  Make it your mission to leave a positive impression of who and what you are…a fine, thoughtful, considerate SHS student.



1.  Summit High School Team try-outs will be held on August 8th, 9th, 10th, 2016 at the Ranch Golf Course.  Try-outs begin at 8:00 am.    Students must commit to the entire season in order to make the team.  Please plan vacations before the high school golf season.  Athletes who cannot be at all days of the try-outs may not be eligible for the team. Questions?  Call Coach Sorensen @ (262)498-8688. Try-outs will consist of a demonstration of your:  skills, understanding of rules of golf, understanding of team/keystone rules and etiquette, and your commitment to the philosophies of golf through the playing of several qualifying rounds.  Seniors must score in the top six, (i.e. varsity) in order to make the team.  Seniors cannot participate in non-varsity events.  Approximately 8-10 golfers will be selected to comprise the 2016 Summit High School Golf Team.  There will be a Varsity team only this season with other players selected as developmental players.  Being selected as a developmental player could mean that you will not play in a tournament or match the entire season and will participate in practices only.

2. The DRESS CODE at Keystone Ranch and River Courses will be strictly enforced.  It will be enforced for all practices and matches both in and outside of Summit County.  Proper dress will include:  golf pants or golf shorts (shorts should fall between mid-thigh to knee in length), and a collared shirt.  A belt will be worn at the hips or above and your shirt will always be tucked in.  Long or baggy shorts/pants/jeans, t-shirts, and hats with the bill in the back are unacceptable.   If you wear a cap, the bill must be forward at all times. If you do not dress appropriately, you will be asked to leave and will not practice or compete.

3.  Golf etiquette will be strictly enforced.  USGA golf rules, course rules and regulations will be adhered to at all times.  Any candidate not adhering to these guidelines will cause the entire group to lose practice and playing privileges until further notice.  It will also be expected that you will repair divots and ball marks on the greens even if they are not yours.  You will pick up tees and trash when encountered; and absolutely, no horseplay on the course or in the practice areas.

4.  All play is on a standby only basis. It is advised that you call the golf shop at 496-4250 to check availability. When you call, identity yourself as a Summit golf team member.  You may play only with golf teammates unless approved by the golf professional. 

5.  When you are playing the course, you will be expected to walk.  (No carts)  The exception will be if you are playing with your parents, in which case, you will be required to pay a cart fee. 

 6.    The practice range will be available any time at either the Ranch or River Course. Even if you are just going to use the practice areas, you must check in at Pro Shop.  When on the practice range, please be aware of paying guests that are waiting to practice.  If there are no slots available, give up your slot and wait until another is available.  Time on the practice areas is to be used constructively, not socially.

7.  You will not have any clubhouse privileges except to use the restroom.  You may order food from the snack menu but please eat on the outside deck.  Throw away your garbage!!

8.  You must have a golf pass (student I.D. with sticker) and present it to the inside Pro Shop staff to play or practice.

9.  All Summit High School rules of conduct will apply when you are at either the Ranch or the River Course.

10.  There are several other summer golf opportunities such as Jr. CGA and Jr. USGA events.  Denver also has an organization called Golf Crown  They have a Jr. golf tournament every Monday during June and July.