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National Honor Society 

5 months ago


National Honor Society Member Selection and Requirements

To find out more about how to become an NHS member and what is required, click HERE.

Volunteer Hour Log Sheet

Volunteering this summer?  Helping with a clean-up?  Log your hours for NHS!  Use THIS form!  

Online Courses

about 1 year ago (student login)

Online courses offerings at SHS are intended to provide flexibility in the time and place that students receive instruction. Our online classes are conducted by SHS teachers so students will always have a point of contact at the school for tutoring and support if needed.  SHS online courses are asynchronous and paced. What this means is that while there are deadlines and due dates that students much adhere to, there are not set meeting times at which students must be online.  Your teacher may require you to meet with him/her weekly just to make sure you are up to date on your assignments.  Online courses do require a level of self-discipline for success.  You must be willing and able to commit three to four hours per week for each course.  Access to a computer and the Internet is imperative. If you are taking an online class, you must have a 2.5 GPA and the class cannot be your sixth class.  Each course will also cost $190.00.